Hirex Lootboxes: incoming!

Soon you'll be able to purchase our Loot Boxes directly on Opensea.
Each LootBox will grant a-one-of-a-kind NFT that you can use in-game.
Early Discounted price limited to available initial supply.


MMO/RPG Play & Earn NFTs based game

About the game

HIREX: Chronicles is a turn based MMO/RPG set in futuristic post apocaliptic universe.

The human race, among other civilizations, has been subdued by an alien force and it will be up to you to fight for its freedom or to join the hivemind. Follow us on medium to learn more about the lore.


Get access to HIREX without the need of any early investment. Thanks to our fremium version you will be able to enjoy the game and explore our world for free.

Procedurally generated dungeons

HIREX will never get boring and repetetive, every dungeon, every interaction will always be generated dinamically thanks to our RNG algorithm that will garantee to our players the best possible gaming experience.

Fully equipable NFTs

Many items in the game are actual NFTs. Each item is in fact represented by a card that summarizes its characteristics, players will be able to buy and sell HIREX equips in any crypto market.

Players will be able to:

  • Mint NFTs by playing the game and claiming them as rewards.
  • Upgrade NFTs to increase its statistics and value.
  • Fuse weaker NFTs to have a chance to get a better and rarer one.

Read more about HIREX's NFTs in our whitepaper

Play from anywhere

HIREX: Chronicles is a browser game that can be played by device that supports chrome, we are produly optimizing the game to run even on older devices to give everyone the chance to play.

Marketplace pre-sale

Prior to the game's initial release, our marketplace's pre-sale will be open during 4 pre-sales sessions. Each sale will be thematic and will step by step introduce all HIREX: Chronicles's features.

Every NFT bought during the pre-sale phase will benefit of a special Genesis boost.

Additionally you might be able to grab Divine rarity NFTs that are only available during special events and won't be droppable in-game.

Interact with your NFT

One-of-a-kind NFTs

The only way to grab a Divine NFT is to purchase it in our pre-sale.

Genesis Boosts

Genesis tagged NFTs won't be droppable in-game. Genesis will grant the player with boosted rewards, in-game stats and benefits in Hirex's ecosystem.

Privileged Early Access

Players with at least one Genesis NFT will receive exclusive early access to the game. According to the level of Genesis and their rarity (combined) they will receive a tiered access reward. Details in our whitepaper.

#2nd Presale available spots:


Q3: Project conception and definition

  • Project concept
  • Design of project architecture
  • Recruitment of team members

Q4: Game and economy design

  • Tokenomics
  • Game lore
  • Game base mechanics
  • Creation of Art Concepts and 3D models

Q1: Marketing campaign

  • Whitepaper release
  • Website release
  • Social release
  • Game community
  • Promotional giveaways
  • Marketplace
  • I° Presale

Q3: Game Design

  • Alhabor game map reveal
  • Siriax Story-line architecture
  • In-depth class development

Q2: Marketing campaign and team expansion

  • Team expansion
  • Promotional giveaways
  • II° Presale
  • Earth game map reveal
  • Human Story-line architecture

Q4: Game Development

  • Game development
  • Promotional giveaways
  • III° Presale

Q1: Marketing campaign

  • Cinematic Trailer
  • Promotional giveaways
  • IV° Presale
  • HIREX Governance token private sale

Q3: Game closed beta

  • Special airdrop for stakers
  • Airdrop access to closed beta
  • Game closed beta
  • First game-balance

Q2: Token Release

  • HIREX Governance token public sale
  • Gameplay teaser
  • HIREX token staking

Q4: Game open beta

  • Special airdrop for stakers
  • BYTZ release
  • PVE game open beta
  • Game wiki

Q1: Transition to the metaverse

  • Lands launch
  • Customizable spaceships interior
  • Recruitment of team members



Q2: PVP Content Release

  • PVP beta
  • PVE and PVP Leaderboards



Mel H. Macaluso

CEO / Head of developing


Since beating Super Mario when he was 3 years old, games were love at first sight for Mel. Pursuing the career of self-taught full-stack dev, creating his own developing company and working for renowed companies such as: UK's first ranked law firm, leading UK's the new digital ordering web app.

Silvio G. Speranza

CTO / Blockchain engineer


Silvio has maturated a lot of experience in Software Engineering, Marketing, Head of IT, and Solidity Engineering in these past years. Silvio has also taken part in some crypto projects crowdfunded in Polkastarter and has been an active investor in cryptocurrencies since 2017.

Vincenzo Bottari

COO / Project director


"A good Project Director is a good motivator". Vincenzo started his career working as Product Engineer for several automotive projects of big companies such as Volkswagen, Ducati and Piaggio. Today he is in charge of big industrial dispensing systems for INKMAKER , a world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of paint and ink dispensing system.

Alex Giannola



Alex is responsible for all things business-related in ChainSight LTD/ Hires Chronicles Game.Graduated in finance, he is a certified financial advisor. After several experiences in banks and in the M&A industry, he founded his own company. In Hirex his job is to manage the financial budget and legal activities, plus he takes care of all relations with the Game partners. He has been an active investor in cryptocurrencies since 2015.

Maurizio Pilato

Game designer


Maurizio grew up with science and technology and has always had a passion for the world of videogames. He is also an avid reader of manga but above all a fan of science fiction and space. After his studies in aerospace engineering he landed in the IT world. He currently works as a developer for one of the main Italian banking groups.

Sara Pignatone

Translator/Bilingual proofreader and copywriter


Expert in Linguistics, Communication and Language Mediation, graduated with honors in Linguistics, Sara is also passionate about Foreign Languages and Translation and she has experience in Foreign Language Teaching.

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